Privacy Policy

We believe that your data belongs to you. The best way to protect your rights is for you to understand exactly what is being done with your data. The following policies ensure that you are aware of what is being done with your data, and that you agree to what is being done with your data.

We do not gather any personally identifiable information by any means other than by asking you for it. This means that you control what information we have.

If we ask you for personally identifiable information, or if you provide us with personally identifiable information, we will record it and use it only for dealing with you. We will not sell it or give it away to any other company.

We may gather statistics on our sales, which may indicate a type of customer, as long as it cannot be traced back to a specific person.

This Privacy Policy applies to the main site as well as all software. This Privacy Policy is effective as of October 2014.